Why a Small Wedding at Ever After?

Intimate weddings usually include 75 guests or less with a more low-key style. There are so many great reasons to have an intimate wedding. Whether you are looking to decrease your wedding costs OR you want to create an extraordinary, luxurious experience for a select few, these ideas can help get your wedding planning started.

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Put money towards your future (not just one day): you and your fiancé cannot imagine spending thousands of dollars on a couple hours when that money can go towards the future you two are building together, such as putting a down payment on a house. If you cannot justify spending money this way, you shouldn’t feel pressured to create an extravagant event, especially if a more intimate one suits your personalities even more.

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Make it a personal reflection (with a unique venue): what better way to showcase your personality as a couple that to choose a unique venue to match.

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Aim for intimacy (& more attention to your guests): Create more memories with your guests, and offer them a personal experience you cannot get with larger weddings. The Knot offers this insight about intimate weddings: “There is a real focus on the guest experience right now, and this is the ultimate for a guest.” Adding personalized details also becomes more manageable when you’re creating them for a few.

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Make it manageable. You already have many responsibilities to juggle—work, school, social obligations. Wedding planning is a job in and of itself, and every vendor involved will required individual attention and meetings. If you don’t want to take on this job, but do not want to hire a planner, opt for a simpler, all inclusive wedding (that only Ever After offers) that doesn’t require nearly as much planning. The intimate wedding also comes across as much more romantic and spontaneous!

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Make it a family affair: The two of you may have families which combined are large enough to fill an entire guest list. Or perhaps, when you envisioned your dream day, you saw yourself being surrounded just by your closest friends and loved ones. A small wedding in a beautiful, intimate candle-lit room would be a great match for an intimate gathering.

Make it a surprise: speaking of romantic and spontaneous, why not invite friends and family to Ever After for a party and surprise them with a ceremony? The advantages of a surprise, intimate wedding are many: “from avoiding everything from drawn-out planning to making sure friends and family do not stress out about gifts, dress codes or other traditional wedding flash points.”

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